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Connectors & cables

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Connectors & cables
Railway Rolling stock

Connectors & cables

Connectors & cables

Connectors & cables

Connectors & cables

Connectors & cables

Areas of competences

Sourcing and
search for alternatives

Explorea facilitates and supports your component search. A process which can be lengthy and time consuming. Specialized in obsolescence solution management for connectors and cables, Explorea finds your missing strategic components.


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Design of compatible solutions

Explorea relies on an approved and certified network built over 25 years of experience in connectors and cables to design a compatible intermatable solution. This avoids the re-qualification of equipment which is very often costly and time-consuming.

Feedback of feasibility within 48 hours

Disruptive solutions

Explorea supports the development of its customers by offering technological disruption through “best-in-class” practices and a network of qualified subcontractors.

Feedback of feasibility within 48 hours

Industrial challenges

Obsolescence a threat for companies

We note on the one hand the need for companies to extend the life of their equipment, and on the other hand the creation of multi-brand multinationals which, by means of massive acquisitions, rationalize their production to the detriment of the industrials.

The problem of obsolescence relates in particular to areas which represent small and medium volumes which do not have or no longer have leverage for action or whose systems can have long years of development and operational use. Ex: Rail, Aeronautics, Nuclear …

Although components and materials represent the lowest level of equipment definition, their impact on the cost of ownership of that equipment is far from negligible.